How it Works

PowerCap® are ingredients stored fresh in the cap! A new & interactive beverage technology that stores a great tasting, healthy, fresh drink inside the cap, and ready for you to plug onto your favorite bottle of water. PowerCap can snap onto most water bottles including premium and spring water bottles — no threading or turning required. It puts you in control — control the flavor potency by adjusting the amount of water to precisely your tastes; control what you drink and when; control the carbs, calories, artificial flavors/colors, and preservatives (Fresh Healthy Stuff has none of any of those) without sacrificing great fresh taste (Fresh Healthy Stuff has lots of that!). PowerCap allows you to create a drink that tastes great, helps you be the healthiest you possible, and lets you choose your favorite water to enhance

It’s simple and easy to use. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll be drinking more than just boring water.

For best results, support neck of bottle for stpes 1 & 2. If bottle appears to be too full, take a small sip or two to give powder room to mix into water.  Suggested use is on 16.9oz of water, for more potent flavor, use with less water, for less potent flavor, dispense into larger volume of water.

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